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If you suffer an investment loss, you should be aware that you may be entitled to all your money back. You don't have to suffer your losses in silence. You may be able to recover those losses.

Investors are protected by regulations, rules and laws. As an investor, you have rights that give you the opportunity to recover your losses from your broker or brokerage firm. Most investors are unaware they have a valid claim until well after the fact. Investment losses can be the result of unsuitable investments, lies by brokers, acts of greed, churning, unauthorized transactions, and incompetence and negligence by brokers, planners and advisors.

An investor cannot only recover losses but may also recover income their investments may have generated, interest on those losses, and legal fees involved in recovering those losses. There are federal and state laws that provide recourse for investors to help them recover their losses.

Retirees and senior citizens are often actually targeted by brokers and "financial advisors." A special Florida law allows for triple damages for some investors.

If you invest in stocks, bonds, mutual funds or other "safe investments" and you want to recover your investment loss, please call for a free no cost & no obligation review of your claim.

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